Cisco Networking Academy students (CCNA 3.0)

If you are a Cisco Networking Academy students you have unil 7/31/2009 to take CCNA (640-801) certification. You must pass the CCNA 4 voucher Exam and have a  passing grade in the grade book, to get the voucher for the 640-801. After 7/31/ 2009 students  will need to take the new CCNA exams (640-802).  For info Cisco QA


What are soft skills?

On your resume you should include things that talk about your soft skills. What are soft skills? They are a set of personal skills and personality traits  that can be broken down to three Categories:  Competencies, work attitudes, and work ethic.

For example:

Work with other
Problem solving
Be Positive

Next network group Meet 4/24

This is our second meeting at Moraine Valley Community College. This meeting will be held at the Fogelson in T building. The Presentation talks about what is Virtualization. Erich Spengler and Mike Ekkert will hold discussions on Virtualization, and how it’s works.

Hi,  our next computer user group meeting  will be April 24
5:30pm  Meet and Networking
6:30pm  Presentation on Virtualization
8:30pm  Pick next topic for next meeting
Also, please vote for the User Group Name

Moraine Valley Community College,
9000 W. College Pkwy.
Palos Hills, IL 60465-0937